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Rendezvous At A Small Hotel

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Rendezvous at a Small Hotel is the fifth volume in the exciting series about the Hotel Marcel in the city of Paris near The Eiffel Tower. Elizabeth, an American widow in her 60s, returns to the small hotel, as she does yearly. For her, it is a visit with a purpose--to reconnect with her artist lover, Brit, with whom she has lost contact. Her search leads her to the Normandy beaches and the American cemetery at Colleville-sur-Mer. In the wake of her pursuit, a number of adventures occur, involving a vindictive Qatari sheikh, a secret wedding, aiding and abetting the planting of illegal Italian grape seedlings at the chateau of her American friend, La Marquise de Chevigny, and a final rendezvous at the Hotel Marcel.

The City of Light is Elizabeth's passion to which she is drawn every few months. In the sixth volume, entitled Intrigue at a Small Hotel, Elizabeth is troubled by a malicious woman from the past who seeks to ruin her life. Intrigue will be available in early 2016."

Hotels No More!

RRP $300.00

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Cindy Henke's new user-friendly directory Hotels NO More! offers alternative lodging opportunities such as: bed & breakfasts, historic hotels, casinos, chalets, RV parks, campgrounds, spiritual & holistic centers, spas, hot springs, lighthouses, huts, hogans, teepees, bunkhouses, ranches farmhouses, fishing & hunting camps, nudist retreats, trailer park rentals, private homes, houseboats, covered wagons, and even a caboose! Lodging opportunities are listed by city, town and state, and proximity to national and state parks, lakes, airports, colleges, hospitals, military facilities, and tourist attractions. Want to rent a houseboat in Lake Powell, Utah? Simply look up Lake Powell alphabetically to find houseboat listings or look in the cross-reference section to find other lodging within a 30-mile radius.Because of the diversity of the listings in Hotels NO More!, the book can be used for all types of travel from business to casual and from small town to large city. Plus, when all the mainstream hotels and motels are booked, such as during a convention or sports event, alternatives can be found in Hotels NO More! Many of the facilities listed offer special prices for corporate and group bookings. Hotels NO More! is the most complete listing of affordable, high-quality alternative lodging available. Although it was written for travel agents to help them better serve their clients (both private and corporate), it can also be used by anyone who wants to create a unique travel experience. Author Cindy Henke also provides a web site that is being constantly updated, including international entries: No more searching from web site to web site because everything you need to know about alternative lodging is cross-referenced in one place.

Plasticity And Elasticity Of Cryocrystals

RRP $562.99

Diggers Rest Hotel

RRP $19.99

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In 1947, two years after witnessing the death of a young Jewish woman in Poland, Charlie Berlin has rejoined the police force a different man. Sent to investigate a spate of robberies in rural Victoria, he soon discovers that World War II has changed even the most ordinary of places and people.

An ex-bomber pilot and former POW, Berlin is struggling to fit back in: grappling with post-traumatic stress disorder, the ghosts of his dead crew and his futile attempts to numb the pain.

When Berlin travels to Albury-Wodonga to track down the gang behind the robberies, he suspects he's a problem cop being set up to fail. Taking a room at the Diggers Rest Hotel in Wodonga, he sets about solving a case that no one else can – with the help of feisty, ambitious journalist Rebecca Green and rookie constable Rob Roberts, the only cop in town he can trust.

Then the decapitated body of a young girl turns up in a back alley, and Berlin's investigations lead him ever further through layers of small-town fears, secrets and despair.

The first Charlie Berlin mystery takes us into a world of secret alliances and loyalties – and a society dealing with the effects of a war that changed men forever.

About the Author

Melbourne-born Geoff McGeachin has spent much of his life shooting pictures for advertising, travel, theatre and feature films. His work has taken him all over the world including stints living in Los Angeles, New York and Hong Kong. He is now based in Sydney, where he teaches photography and writes.

His first novel, Fat, Fifty & F***ed!, won the inaugural Australian Popular Fiction Competition and was published by Penguin in August 2004. Described by the Sunday Tasmanian as 'one of the most exhilarating debut novels in many moons . . . wildly imaginative, irreverent, bitingly funny, beautifully paced and populated by the sort of characters we'd all love to know', it continues to entertain and amuse Australian and international readers.

Geoff followed this up in 2006 with the hilarious adventure thriller D-E-D DEAD!, which introduced Alby Murdoch – Australian secret agent and international photographer – a man with a taste for good coffee, fine food and interesting women and described by the Sunday Age as 'a genuine action hero, with a truly Australian irreverence'. D-E-D DEAD! was published by Penguin/Viking and nominated for a Ned Kelly Award in 2006.

Sensitive New Age Spy, the second Alby story, was published by Penguin in 2007 and was also nominated for a Ned Kelly Award. According to GQ Magazine, Sensitive New Age Spy 'crackles with picaresque players and absurd wit. A chuckle-by-the-pool read.'

Dead and Kicking, the third book in the Alby Murdoch trilogy, was published to excellent reviews in January 2009. The Age's Cameron Woodhead wrote: 'McGeachin channels the ghost of Ian Fleming to entertaining effect in this high-octane adventure with a camp, comic gloss.' The Sunday Tasmanian said: 'McGeachin has a real flair for action-adventure writing. His pacing is excellent, his ever-changing scene locations are richly detailed and his plotting is intricate without being cumbersome. Throw in his inimitable sense of humour and you have a sensational combination.'

His fifth novel, The Diggers Rest Hotel, is a crime story set in Albury-Wodonga, and it marks a change of direction for McGeachin. The hero is hard-boiled detective Charlie Berlin, an ex-bomber pilot and POW with a dark past. Published in June 2010 it was described by Christopher Bantick in the Weekly Times as '... a bottler of a book ... terrific in all respects', and the Hobart Mercury reviewing it as, '...a fiesty, beautifully researched thriller ... shot through with brilliant insights and great dialogue, fitfully lit by explosive flashbacks to battle in the air.'

The Diggers Rest Hotel won the Best Fiction category at the 2011 Ned Kelly Awards presented by the Australian Crime Writers Association and was also one of ten titles selected for the State Library of Victoria's 'Summer Reads Program' 2010/11.


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